“Because of the efforts made by Rep. Becky Lockhart over the past several years, funding for transportation infrastructure in Utah has never been better. Making transportation work – making sure it is safe and sufficient and makes us all mobile – is key to robust economic growth. And when the economy grows we are better able to fund other critical needs such as education.” — Lane Beattie, President, Salt Lake Chamber

“Quality leadership attributes are important as a Representative. Becky has been the kind of principle-based leader who has demonstrated that she can lead with conviction and integrity. Representative Lockhart’s leadership in funding and working with Provo City leaders on the I-15 Core Project and specifically our Center Street interchange has positioned Provo to continue thoughtful, measured economic growth at our city’s entrance. I look forward to working with her as we build a smarter, more forward-thinking vision for Provo City.” — John Curtis, Mayor, Provo City

“Becky loves the Constitution. She understands the role of Federal, State and City governments. Republican principles are core to her. Becky also has qualities that are so very vital to our form of government and way of life. These qualities are becoming all too rare in the political arena. She is open, honest and accessible. All this makes for a great legislator. We very much need Becky’s continued service in the House.” — Sherrie Spencer

“Becky is an essential partner to Provo City. In my year’s on the Council, her valuable insight, knowledge and influence in the Legislature have created exciting and important opportunities for economic growth. It’s all coming together in important opportunities that she has worked diligently to put in place. She’s an incredible resource and represents Provo very well.” — Cynthia Dayton, Council Member, Provo City

“I’m so grateful you are willing to continue serving. We really need great representation in these times. I just read the Republicans Pledge to American Preamble and I’m hoping Utah is fully on board with that. I believe we must get back to our Constitutionally Conservative roots if we are to save this nation. I think we as a State need to follow the Constitution (both State and Federal) as closely as possible. Thanks again for all your work.” — Wendy Haws

“I’ve always been aware of the important work Becky does with regard to transportation and infrastructure. I appreciate her efforts to keep taxes low and her solid record to increase funding on education. We’re about to reap some tremendous benefits from her vision for transportation and mass transit. But I also appreciate being able to call on Becky to assist with coordinating and supporting a traffic light on a state road in my district. We have children who can now cross a busy road safely because of her efforts. She’s aware of the large vision and the small meaningful wins in neighborhoods.” — Sherrie Hall Everett, Council Member, Provo City

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