I am commited to properly funding Utah’s public schools. The Democrats want to tax you more so they can spend more on schools. But that’s not the answer! Raising taxes on our citizens and business slows economic growth – which may result in fewer available jobs when our children graduate from school!

As a Republican, I am committed to funding our schools without raising taxes, so we can have more jobs awaiting our children at graduation – so they can have a better shot at living the American dream!

Funding Education Without Raising Taxes

The Legislature has provided historic funding increases to Public Education over the past decade. This is pretty remarkable in face of such a dramatic recession. We were able to fund over one billion dollars in ongoing annual funding for education. And that commitment has not faltered. For example, during the global economic downturn, while other areas of the state budget were reduced by double-digit percentages in an effort to balance a budget suffering from reduced revenues, we made sure that any reductions to public education were less than 1%. It’s that important.

I will continue to work to make sure that our teachers and schools have the resources they need to meet the increased demands of our state’s growing population.

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