ConstitutionThe Federal Government is living outside of its means. The Tax and Spend mentality of the Democrat majorities in both the House and Senate are simply not sustainable. This intrusion into our lives is happening more and more. The Duties and Rights constitutionally left to the States and the People are being usurped at the Federal level. We must push-back against this encroachment.

ObamaCare and the Federal Power grab of the Democrats will force U.S.citizens to spend our hard-earned money on health insurance, whether we want to or not. Utah has joined efforts to repeal mandatory socialized medicine.

Bail-outs, stimulus, and over-burdensome regulations deny Utahns the right to determine their own priorities through their own state and local elected officials. They enslave our children, grandchildren and future generations with crippling tax burdens.

The Federal Government controls too much of Utah’s land and natural resources.

And while the Federal Government is busy involving itself where it shouldn’t, it is neglecting fundamental responsibilities such as securing our borders. As state legislators, we are investigating and researching all the options available to the States, and we will continue to address this challenge in meaningful and lawful ways.

I will continue to support innovative and constitutional initiatives that seek to limit and beat back the inappropriate power and influence of the Federal Government.