Healthy economies depend on keeping people, goods and services moving throughout Utah. Our roads, bridges, highways, freeways and interchanges must be up-to-date and in good repair.

The new expansion of 1-15 in Salt Lake County was badly needed, as were the new Pioneer Crossing Interchange in Lehi and the 400 South Springville Interchange. We’ve all seen the economic growth that those projects have generated. And next up, it’s the project I fought so hard for: a major expansion of I-15 in Utah County. It took significant time, effort and all my influence within the Legislature to get this project approved and moving forward.

Building Bridges to the Future

A healthy and growing economy depends on an up-to-date and well-maintained infrastructure, and it’s already paying dividends – Adobe, the National Security Agency, and Proctor & Gamble are now opening large divisions in our state, and more are coming! These new neighbors are bringing jobs to our area that will help keep everyone’s taxes low.

Education, the economy and infrastructure work together to create Utah’s growing success – and we are literally building bridges to a better future for our state and our children.

Learn more about the I-15 Core project here.

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