We have less than two weeks until the 2012 General Session wraps up. Even though we received Monday off for Washington/Lincoln Day, we have worked very hard over this short week. We have consistently passed bills that still maintain our held beliefs. We are still striving to ensure Utah’s fiscal responsibility, to keep Utah as one of the most competitive states, as well as fully funding education.

Committees are continuing to get their work completed in a timely manner, and our colleagues have debated a number of issues. This lively debate ensures we create the best policy for the state. It’s great to participate in these discussions.

Along with policy, over the past week we have honored many different groups on the House Floor. This week, we honored fallen Utah soldiers, those members of the Weber County law enforcement that participated in the drug bust in January, and members of the Utah Highway Patrol. We cannot thank these servicemen and women enough for what they do.

We also heard from several members of our delegation in Washington, D.C. We heard from Senators Hatch and Lee, and Congressmen Bishop and Matheson. They reported back to us on their work and progress in Washington. You can listen to all of these addresses on our website, Just click on “House Floor”, underneath the “streaming” banner.

Our next week is sure to be jam-packed with many bills, including setting the budget. We promise not to incur any new debt, and to not increase your tax burden.

I look forward to hearing from you on any concerns you may have about any piece of the legislative process. Please feel free to contact me at any time.


Highlights for Week 5: February 20-24

These are the bills that passed the House this week. (clicking the title of the bill, will take you to the text of the full version)

  • House Concurrent Resolution 4 – This resolution honors Weber County Law Enforcement officers for their work during the January drug raid that injured 6 officers.
  • House Bill 140 – Vehicle Checkpoint Amendments – This bill would eliminate authorized checkpoints on local roads. Here’s more informationon this bill.
  • House Bill 363Health Education Amendments – This bill amends health education to include abstinence only education.
  • House Bill 49 Substitute 1 – Firearms Amendments– This bill allows gun owners to not be subject to disorderly conduct by following open carry statute.
  • House Bill 105 – Official Voter Register Amendments – This bill will remove deceased persons from the voter registry, for increased efficiency.
  • House Bill 104 Substitute 1 – Local Highway Authority Regulatory Powers – This bill would prohibit political subdivisions to enforce anti-idling laws.
  • House Bill 182 – Signage Honoring Fallen Highway Patrol Officers – This bill would post safety signs along roads where Utah Highway Patrol officers have lost their lives.
  • House Bill 198 – Growing of Food – This bill would allow individuals who grow their own food not be subject to regulations, including confiscation.
  • House Bill 245 3rd Substitute – Amendment to Definition of Smoking in Utah Indoor Clean Air Act – This bill amends to include hookah and e-cigarettes from being smoked indoors, to conform with the Clean Air Act.