Time seems to fly, we’ve already completed week three. The House as a whole, and all the respective committees have been moving bills along smoothly. Our commitment to funding education, keeping Utah’s economy strong, and ensuring proper competitiveness have also been addressed in a number of bills. We continue to strive towards these goals over this Session, and the future.
The speed of these bills moving through committee and the Floor shows how great our process works. Our experienced leadership team, committee chairs and vice-chairs are efficient in their work. The debates are thorough and polite. We hope you’re able to see that we’re completing the people’s work in a timely and transparent manner.
I appreciate you keeping in touch with me, expressing the issues you have on your mind. This is an important part of our process, and I’m glad you have chosen to participate. I try to be your voice here at the Legislature. Please let me know if you have any additional concerns.
Next week, we will be debating bills in the House Chambers more often, as committee work begins to conclude. You can watch the live stream on the Floor at le.utah.gov.
We have a budget to put together over the next few weeks, and will be working on various reforms to ensure that your taxpayer dollars are being spent wisely and efficiently.

Highlights for Week 3: February 6 – 10

These are the bills that passed the House this week. (clicking the title of the bill, will take you to the text of the full version)

  • House Bill 129 - Defense of Property and Person- This bill would clarify some language regarding a homeowner’s ability to protect their home and family from invasion.
  • House Concurrent Resolution 7Concurrent Resolution Designating Veterans Memorial Highway- This resolution rededicates I-15 as Veterans Memorial Highway.
  • 1stSub House Bill 49 –  Firearms Revisions- This bill expands a legal gun owner’s ability to carry it in more areas, as long as additional threatening behavior is absent. This bill is currently on the House floor.
  • House Bill 36Sales and Use Tax- Computer Software and Other Tangible Personal Property Amendments- This bill changes tax law definitions to redefine computer software if the software is transferred electronically.
  • House Bill 62Provisions Regarding School Supplies- This bill allows teachers to send parents a list of provisions needed for the class, but does not require the parents to buy them.
  • Senate Bill 38Wildland Fire Amendments- This bill would make an arsonist of a wildfire liable for any necessary containment costs.
  • Senate Bill 105Utah Fallen Heroes Commemoration- This bill establishes a state remembrance day in August for fallen heroes across the state.
  • House Bill 220County Classification Amendments- This bill requires an interim committee to define the term “rural”. Currently, there are over 40 different definition in state code.
  • 1st Sub House Bill 92Boating Revisions- This bill adds penalties to boaters who knowingly cause injury to a person and neglect to follow proper procedure to ensure the safety of the injured.
  • 1st Sub House Bill 298Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Amendments- This bill would amend the frequency of safety inspections being performed on a motor vehicle. This bill is up for debate on the House floor.
  • House Joint Resolution 12Joint Resolution on Property Tax Exemption for Certain Military Personnel- This bill would allow for some members of the military to be exempt from property taxes while they are out of state on duty. This bill is up for debate on the House floor.
  • House Bill 192Private Property Rights- This bill ensures that property owners are not held liable when trespassers on land injure themselves due to recreational incidents.